Sabu and Super Genie are coming to the UK!

We are excited to announce that Sabu and Super Genie will be in the United Kingdom for an entire month! They kick off the tour on September 29th at Pro Wrestling Live in Walsall! They will also be on shows for EPW, ICW, CSF, IPW, UPW, IDN, and CCW Ireland. For the full list of events and tickets visit Sabu and Super Genies Calendar.

They will have limited merchandise for sale on this trip, however, we are currently working on getting the full merchandise list updated right here on the Sabu Shop! 

Thank you for checking out the new website! If you have any Sabu artwork you have created or fan photos feel free to submit them on this form!

Sabu is still recovering physically and financially from his hip surgery. Despite having some insurance the out of pocket costs have been astronomical, and donations that go directly to help pay down Sabu’s medical expenses and aftercare are being taken here on GoFundMe.
Thanks again to all that have donated! This has been a significant help in a time of need. The reality is most wrestlers are underinsured, and more often than not the injuries they sustain over time can be quite costly. Thank you for supporting those who continue to put their bodies on the line to entertain you.

Sabu and Super Genie look forward to seeing you in the UK!